सीए, सीएस और सीएफए के लिए देना प्रोफेशनल्स ऋण योजना

You are eligible if:

· If You are whole time practicing Chartered Accountants, Company Secretary and Chartered Financial Analyst, not employed elsewhere who are income tax assessee for last two years are eligible:

Loan Amount

· Minimum- Rs. 2.00 lakhs

· Upto- Rs. 100 lakhs

· (With a maximium of 20 % by way of Working Capital)

Nature of Limit

Term Loan /Demand Loan & Working capital


25% of Project Cost

Rate of Interest

Please Check out the Interest Rates Section to find latest Interest Rates applicable


Security :

Primary :

TL / DL & WC limit : Hypothecation of assets acquired out of the loan amount.

Equitable / Registered mortgage of immovable property

Collateral :

Whereever applicable loans to be covered under CGTMSE. Where borrowers opts for not covering the credit facility under CGTMSE, adequate collateral security to be obtained as per banks extent Policy Guidelines

Process Fees

CC Hypothecation - 0.125 % + ST of sanction limit.

Term Loan - 0.25 % + ST of Sanction limit.

Supervision Charges : (one time)

Limit Supervision Charges
Up to Rs. 10 Lacs    Rs. 1000/- + ST
Rs. 10 to 50 Lacs Rs. 2500/- + ST
Rs. 50 Lacs and above Rs. 5000/- + ST

Review / Renewal Charges
For TL: :  Nil

For Working capital Limits :

At the time of review, review fees of 0.10% + ST of the outstanding amount


CC limit / Non-fund based limit : To be reviewed on yearly basis

Term Loan : 10 years (maximum)

Prepayment charges
0.50% of Sanctioned Limit.

For any query, Please contact : Email: rbd@denabank.co.in