How safe is DenaiConnect –Internet banking?

Dena Bank employs a range of Security features for its Online Banking Service to provide you a very secure Internet banking experience

    Firewall : Virtual electronic fence that prevents unauthorized access to Dena Bank Server.

    Encryption: Your data and message travel in a 128-bit SSL mode encryption technique required for secure e-commerce and confidential communications. This is the highest level of security available for communication and transactions on the Internet. SSL also ensures information is sent to the correct place and that it is not tampered with.

    Digital Certificate: Dena Bank Internet banking site is Verisign certified. VeriSign, Inc. is the leading provider of trusted infrastructure services to websites, enterprises, electronic commerce service providers and individuals.

    User Id and Passwords : Two levels of password security, one for Sign-on and other for Transaction.

    Unauthorized Access:

      • In case the sign-on password is entered wrongly for consecutive three times the sign-on password will be disabled thereby restricting unauthorized access.

      • In case the transaction password is entered wrongly for consecutive three times the transaction password will be disabled thereby restricting unauthorized access.

      • If you have logged into Internet banking and have not used the application for 5 minutes, the system automatically logs you out. This is to prevent any unauthorized access to your account, in case you left your computer unattended, without having logged out of Internet banking.

      Advisory for Customers

      Your present Debit card, Internet Banking, Mobile Banking and Account operations will continue to function as earlier without any changes.

      Fraudsters may ask to share Account Details, Debit Card Details, Internet/Mobile Banking User ID, AADHAR, PAN Number and OTP over the Phone Call, E-Mail, SMS or Whatsapp Messages for renewal of services or issuance of new Debit Card. Do not share any of the details.

      Bank does not ask for all such details from their Customers.

      In case of any calls received or any query, please contact Branch/ Toll free Number: 1800-233-6427.

      Never install banking applications through link sent by unknown person on Whatsapp, Facebook, SMS, etc.