FAQ on Net Banking
1. What is DenaiConnect -Internet Banking?
  • DenaiConnect Internet Banking service is a convenient, secure online banking service provided by Dena bank for the customers of its Core Banking (CBS) branches.
  • With DenaiConnect Internet banking you can access all your banking accounts with the bank 24x 7x 365 anywhere in the world.
  • A host of features like Balance Enquiry, Mini Statement, Statement of Accounts, Cheque based Inquiry, Funds Transfer, Tax Payments to name a few out of many.

2. Who are eligible for DenaiConnect -Internet banking?
Internet Banking is available to all customers of Core Banking (CBS) branches. The customers could be:

  • Savings Account holders
  • Current Account holders
  • Cash Credit Account holders
  • Overdraft Account holders

3. How can I register for this service ?
If you are an existing customer of any of our Core banking (CBS) branches then you can contact any CBS branch for a printed Application form. Alternately you may also download the application form from our website: www.denabank.com

4. What are the facilities available to me on Internet Banking?

a.            Balance Inquiry.
b.            Mini Statement (Last 9 transactions).
c.             Detailed Statement of Account.
d.            Cheque Book inquiry.            
e.            Funds Transfer (Self).
f.             Funds Transfer (with SMS token facility during beneficiary registration & transaction for third party funds transfer).
g.            RTGS/NEFT transactions.
h.            Outward cheque status inquiry.
i.             E-payment of Direct Taxes and Indirect Taxes.
j.             Online payment of Maharashtra Sales Tax (VAT)
k.            Viewing of 26AS by our Internet Banking customers for tax credited under a particular PAN.
l.             On line payment of commercial taxes of Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Dadra & Nagar Haveli, Gujarat, Karnataka and Maharashtra Virtual Treasury.

The overall daily limit for all financial transactions inclusive of taxes and   RTGS / NEFT transactions is Rs. 10 Lakhs.

5. What are the requirements for me to access this facility?

  • A personal computer (atleast Pentium with 16 / 32 MB RAM
  • An Internet connection.
  • A Browser (Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 or Netscape Navigator 8 above).
  • User id, Sign-on& Transaction Password.
  • Access to the Internet.

6. What is User ID and password?

  • User ID is a unique identification number which enables the Internet banking system to recognize you as an Internet banking customer and enable you to do Internet banking activities on Internet.
  • Login password and transaction password are system-generated passwords, which are safe and secure, and no one including bank officials is aware about it.
  • You will receive User ID and a set of passwords namely Login password (Sign-on) and Transaction password in separate envelopes for security reasons.
  • On your first login you will be forced to change passwords of your choice.
  • You also have the option to change the password any time.

    For customers who have Dena Debit / Insta / Gold Card
  • Upon successful registration the customer will receive an sms containing the user id.  Using this user id the customer can generate their own sign on and transaction password using the facility 'First Time Login :  Click to set your passwords.' on the login page.
  • Enter your existing internet banking user id and your account number for validation and click on submit button to proceed further. If you feel you have entered the details wrongly then click on Rest button to clear the fields. To stop the operation click on the cancel button.
  • Enter your card details (ATM cum DEBIT Card / Insta Card / Gold Card)
    Debit Card Number: The 16 digit number printed on your card.
    ATM PIN:    4 digit PIN that is used on ATMs to withdraw Cash
    Expiry Date:  Date Printed on the card in MM/YY format
  • Click on validate to go further, reset button to clear all the fields and cancel to stop the action.
  • Click on the PROCEED button to generate the One Time Password (OTP). This OTP will be sent to the registered mobile number in FINACLE. On correct entry of the OTP click on Confirm to proceed further.
  • While new users will have to set both the passwords mandatorily and existing users who have forgotten the password can click on the checkbox for either setting login or transaction password or click on both to create both the passwords.
  • On successful creation you will be guided to the screen as shown above and the new passwords are to be used for login to internet banking application.

7. How will I receive my User Id and passwords?

For customers who have Dena Debit / Insta / Gold Card
The customers have to set their own passwords after they receive an SMS regarding the activation of Internet Banking service

For customers who do not have Dena Debit / Insta / Gold Card
The user id and passwords (Signon & Transaction) are generated and dispatched to the Branch where there are maintaining the accounts. The customers are requested to collect the same from their respective Branches after 7 days time

8. Can I change my password?
Yes. On first login the system will force you to change both the passwords. Then onwards you can change your passwords as many times you feel like.

9. I have forgotten my password. What should I do?

For customers who have Dena Debit / Insta / Gold Card

They can reset the password which they have forgotten using the facility - 'Forgot Password : Click here to re-set your passwords'.

For customers who do not have Dena Debit / Insta / Gold Card

You have to submit a letter to branch officials requesting for regeneration of password. Upon receiving a confirmation from Branch the passwords will be reset and sent to the Branch. The customers are requested to collect the same from their respective Branches.