Security Alert

Dena Bank welcomes all customers and General Public with this advice related to websites, which may look deceptively similar to Website of Dena Bank.

We have to inform that Dena Bank’s official website can be viewed on or, we re-confirm that no other domain name other than these two mentioned above are related to DENA BANK.

In the interest of our valued customers and patrons of our website we have to advise as under:

  • Dena Bank does not seek any information in any form from its customers on website other than and except feedback, on Products and services.
  • Please DO NOT part with any information even if you are asked by e-mail or on website looking like website of Dena Bank
  • If you ever receive any emails from anyone which seeks information particularly your User Ids, passwords, cards, card numbers or PIN, kindly do not part with any information and bring this to the attention of Dena Bank by forwarding the email received by you with your observations through “feedback option” or e-mail to contacts mentioned under “contact us “section on Dena Bank website as given above or by post .

Dena Bank shall not be liable for any loss arising from sharing of, or parting with your User Ids, passwords, cards, card numbers or PIN to anyone.