Dena Trade Finance Scheme

You are eligible if:

· You are a commodity trader, stockist or dealer registered under sales tax.

· You are a permanent resident of the city (If not permanent resident, property offered as collateral security is in your name and located at the same location).

Loan Amount

· Minimum- Rs. 2.50 lakhs

· Upto- Rs. 500 lakhs

· CC Limit upto 20 % of your projected turnover.

· Non-fund based limits upto 25% of eligible limit on the basis of projected turnover

· Term Loan upto 20% of working capital eligibility

In case of disruption of the working capital cycle, 40 % of collateral security can be included to calculate Drawing Power.

Nature of Limit

Cash Credit (hypothecation), Term Loan (Secured), Non-fund based limits (Bank Guarantee & LC)


CC Hypothecation - 25% stock, 50% of book debts

Non-fund based limits (BG & LC) - 25%

Term Loan - 25%

Rate of Interest

Please Check out the Interest Rates Section to find latest Interest Rates applicable


CC limit : Hypothecation of Stock and Book Debts

Term Loans : Hypothecation of security created out of term loan

Equitable mortgage of immovable property or any other liquid assets (other than equity shares, debentures) with minimum realisable market value of 100% of sanctioned limit as collateral

Process Fees

CC Limit : 0.125 % of Sanction Limit ( In line with MSME )
Term Loan :  0.50 % of Sanction Limit; Besides, review fees for Term Loan at 0.10% of the outstanding amount at the time of review of the TL account.

Commission on Non-fund based limits (BG & LC) to be charged as per Bank's extant guidelines.
Commitment Charges as applicable for normal CC Hypothecation accounts as per Bank's extant guidelines.


CC limit / Non-fund based limit : To be reviewed on yearly basis

Term Loan : 5 years (maximum)

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