Dena Niwas Housing Finance Scheme

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Dena Niwas Housing Finance Scheme: The doorway to your Dream Home

A Loan for different needs

You can avail of Dena Niwas Home Loan to purchase a plot, construct a house, buy a ready built house or buy one under construction. The loan even helps you build an extension to your existing house or purchase a house that is up to 50 years old provided the remaining life of the house is more than 25 years. Besides you can take this loan for repairs and up-gradation, which includes the cost of fixtures, POP works, retiling, fittings etc.

It even gives you the option to shift an existing home loan with any other Bank or Financial Institution

A. You are eligible if:

  1. You are a major individual, resident or non-resident, having a regular source of income.
  2. Your age on the maturity of the loan is less than retirement age if you are a salaried employee & below 75 years, if you have a business
  3. The loan amount will be calculated as per Maximum Permissible Bank Finance [MPBF], which is equal to repayment capacity as per Equated Monthly Installment / Net Monthly Income (EMI/NMI) ratio

Net annual income

(Gross annual income (-) statutory Deductions such as Income

Tax/Provident Fund and Profession tax)

EMI / NMI Ratio not to exceed

Less than Rs 1.20 lacs

20 %

Above Rs 1.20 lacs to less than Rs 3 lacs

30 %

Above Rs 3 lacs to less than 5 lacs

50 %

Above Rs 5 lacs to less than 8 lacs

60 %

Above Rs 8 lacs to less than 10 lacs

65 %

Above Rs 10 lacs

70 %

  • Spouses/Co-applicants income can be clubbed for enhanced eligibility.

B. Loan Amount:

Location of the house property

Maximum Loan amount to be financed

Metro Centers

Rs 10.00 crore

Urban & Semi urban Centers

Rs 5.00 crore

Rural Centers

Rs 1.00 crore

    • Up to Rs. 10 lakhs for renovation/ up-gradation

C. Rate of Interest:

  • Floating Rate linked to MCLR
  • Interest Charged on Daily Reducing Balalnce
  • No prepayment Charges
  • Please check the Interest Section to find the latest Interest Rates applicable.

 D. Repayment

    • Up to 30 years- for the purchase of a new flat/ house/ construction/ extension.
    • Up to 10 years- for repairs, renovation and up-gradation.

E. Security

  • Simple equitable mortgage/registered mortgage of the house/ flat/ apartment on which the loan is availed.

F. Process Fees

    NIL (Loan disbursed between 16.11.2017 to 28.02.2018)

G. Dena Niwas Furniture Loan Scheme – A Scheme for financing furniture to housing loan borrowers is also available to All Housing Loan Borrowers (Existing and prospective borrowers, including takeover accounts)

H. Dena Gruh Swami Insurance Loan Scheme is available to customers for availing insurance premium under Dena Gruh Swami Suraksha Yojna / Dena UNI Home Care Policy

I. Dena Top Up Premium Housing Loan Scheme is also available to all existing Home Loan Borrowers with a satisfactory repayment record of at least one year for meeting any personal expenditure on education, marriage, health care, repair/renovation/furnishing of house etc.

J. Eligible Applicants would also be benefitted with Subsidy under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojna.

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