Dena Gold Loan Scheme


Any personal purpose


1. The scheme is open for all customers – existing and new (KYC norms to be adhered to)

2. Only individuals who have attained majority are eligible

Nature of Loan

Demand Loan 

Loan Amount

The loan amount will be linked to the value of gold jewellery/ gold coin/ gold (other than bullion) to be pledged.

Minimum Rs.10000/- & Maximum Rs. 1.00 lacs


Margin to be maintained @ 30% of the value of the Gold jewellery / gold coin / gold (other than bullion) to be pledged.

Rate of Interest

Please Check out the Interest Rates Section to find latest Interest Rates applicable.

Process Fees

Upto Rs.50,000/- - Nil
Above Rs.50,000/- : 0.75% of sanctioned limit.
Charges of appraiser are to be borne by the borrower.


Up to 12 months, to be repaid in EMIs or quarterly/ half-yearly/ annual installments or on lump sum basis, as may be agreed uponby the borrower/s. In case of repayment in installments other than EMIs, interest debited in the loan account from time to time is to be paid as and when debited.

For any query, Please contact : Email: