Remittance from abroad can be made in any of the following ways:

Wire Transfer: Funds can be remitted by telegraphic transfer through our correspondent banks. You can instruct your bank in the MT103 format (below mentioned)

Intermediary Bank:       _______________________      
                                   (Correspondent Bank name)
                                   Our Nostro Correspondents

Field 56 A:                              ____________
                                            (SWIFT Code)

For credit to:
(Beneficiary bank) Account No. ________________ 
                            (Dena Bank Nostro account no.)

Field 57 A: ____________________________________ 
                (Authorised dealer branches with SWIFT Code)
                                 Authorised Dealer Branches

Field 59:     ____________________________________  
           (Beneficiary customer Name, Branch Name, Account no. & Address)

Field 70:        ____________________
                    (Remittance information)


  • Western Union Financial services: This facility is under Money Transfer Service Scheme of RBI. Through this mode the beneficiary can collect the money-in cash or cheque-within minutes after the sender has affected the remittance. The service is a boon to the NRIs and their families in India as well as visiting foreign tourists and foareign students who are studying in India.