Corrospondent Banking

Having correspondent banking relationship with over 500 international banks Dena Bank assures its customers of best services in every part of the world. Our correspondent banking services include

i. Global remittances in foreign currencies through TT/ SWIFT towards import payment and/ or other purposes permitted under FEMA.
ii. Timely collection of bills both documentary and clean.
iii. Advising/ Confirmation of Letter of Credit issued by us.
iv. Issue LOU for availing Buyer’s Credit.

Nostro Accounts

Nostro Accounts are maintained by an Indian Bank with overseas banks in foreign currency to settle its foreign currency transactions. Dena Bank maintains 10 NOSTRO accounts with internationally reputed banks in 7 major currencies i.e. US Dollar, Pound Sterling, Euro, Japanese Yen, Singapore Dollar, Canadian Dollar and Australian Dollar.

With the help of our NOSTRO accounts, we affect remittances in foreign currency and payment/settlement of other cross currency transactions.

Click Here for the list of Our Nostro Correspondents