Import Services

Dena Bank provides various types of fund based and non-fund based services to the importers for facilitating the imports in the country. All the facilities are subject to the prevalent rules of the Bank / RBI guidelines. Our Fund based services include Rupee and Foreign Currency loans, External Commercial Borrowing facilitation etc. and Non-Fund based services include establishment of Letter of Credit, collection/ payment of import bill and issuance of various guarantees on behalf of importers.

Letter of Credit

Dena Bank offers L/C facility for the purchase of goods in the international market. With the Letter of Credit, importers can build up better trust/ confidence in their suppliers and develop other business relationship at a much faster pace.

The L/C facility can be granted to the importers after assessing their requirement / credit worthiness / financial strength and other parameters being to the satisfaction of the Bank. We help importers drafting the terms of Letter of Credit so as to protect their interest. The bank's vast network of branches and correspondent banks enables your enterprise to sustain a seamless flow of business on a wide platform.

Collection of Import Bills

The import bills are collected through our Authorized Branches at very competitive rates. Our bank has correspondent banking relationship with reputed International Banks throughout the world and affects remittances for imports’ payment in any part of the globe.

Bank Guarantees

Dena Bank on behalf of importers/ other customers issues guarantees in favour of beneficiaries abroad. The Guarantees can be both Performance and Financial. The issuance of guarantee is allowed for the purposes defined under FEMA subject to availability of your credit limits or cash margin.

Fund based Services

We assist you to import desired goods by providing Rupee loans and Foreign Currency Loans. We facilitate buyer’s credit for your imports for the period specified under FEMA. We also assist our customers in raising foreign currency funds through External Commercial Borrowing (ECB) for expansion/ modernization of existing facilities and/ or import of capital goods etc.