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Renewal of Group Health Mediclaim Insurance Policy for Retirees with Domicilliary/without Domicilliary/Super Top up

The retirees/ Pensioners/ Family Pensioners shall submit the form to their pension paying Branch/ nearest Branch/ Zonal Office/ Department before 06/10/2017 (Previous Date was 30/09/2017).

It is mandatory for all retirees/ pensioners/ family pensioners to submit the form as asked by Insurance Company.


The United India Insurance Company has announced the premium rate for renewal of retiree policy, with domiciliary and without domiciliary cover from 01/11/2017 to 31/10/2018 (Both dates inclusive) and also introduced a new Super Top-Up Policy for all retirees.

Accordingly the Options available for Retirees are:-
Option I:- Normal Renewal on “as is basis- Without Domiciliary Cover”
Option II:- Renewal with sub limit of 10% of the sum insured- “Domiciliary Cover”
Option III:- Without OPD Cover- “Super Top-Up Policy”


Sum Insured (Rs.)

Sub Limit of 10% for Domiciliary Cover (Rs.)


Without Domiciliary Cover

With Domiciliary Cover

Award Staff Retiree



Rs.10452/-+GST            = Rs.12334/-

Rs.23517+GST          = Rs.27751/-

Officer Retiree



Rs.13935/-+GST =Rs.16444/-

Rs.31354/-+GST =Rs.36998/-


Sum Insured (Rs.)

Premium:- Super Top- Up Policy

Award Staff Retiree


Rs.2975/-+GST= Rs.3511

Officer Retiree


Rs.3225/-+GST= Rs.3806

After full use of sum insured under the main policy, the Super Top- Up Policy will trigger. [ Rs.3,00,000/- (Award Staff Retiree) and Rs.4,00,000/- (Officer Retiree) ].

We inform that:-
1. All retirees shall join the Group Health Policy without OPD Cover- “Super Top- Up Policy”.
2. Existing retirees who are covered under with Domiciliary (OPD) policy may be allowed to switch over to Without Domiciliary Cover. Option to switch over to With Domiciliary (OPD) policy is not available.
3. The retirees who wish to renew the policy with Domiciliary/ Without Domiciliary cover should submit fresh option through Annexure- A to Zonal Office/ Department/ Branch.
4. The retirees who wish to renew the policy with Super Top-Up Policy should mark “Y” in the respective column and submit fresh option through Annexure- A to Zonal Office/ Department/ Branch.
5. The retirees who want to exit from all the schemes should submit option through Annexure- B to Zonal Office/ Department/ Branch.
6. All retirees  who have not joined or exited from Group Health Insurance Policy earlier may be join the Insurance Policy Without Domiciliary (OPD) Cover   only.
7. It is mandatory to all retirees to submit the form as asked by Insurance Company.
8. Spouse of deceased employees also have to submit the same form.
9. Retirees can also submit the application at their nearest/ pension paying branch

The retirees shall fill the option form in Annexure-A/ Annexure-B and submit the same to their respective/ nearest Zonal office before 30/09/2017.

The Zonal offices are advised to compile the data in Annexure- 3 format and forward the soft copy to Head Office through Email Id ibamediclaim@denabank.co.in before 03/10/2017.

It may be noted that, it is the responsibility of retirees/ pensioners/ family pensioners to provide correct account number, contact number, Email id, PF/ Empl. Number and maintain sufficient balance in their account by 06/10/2017 to debit the required premium amount .

In case of non-availability of sufficient balance the concerned retiree will automatically get exited from the scheme.
Please bring the contents of this communication to the notice of all retiree, who are members of this scheme to exercise their option as given above, with the stipulated date. Also place a copy of this letter in Zones/ Branch/ Department Notice Board.  

Annexure- A: Click Here for Download 
Annexure- B: Click Here for Download