Notice Board for Customers

All our esteemed customers are hereby informed that the SDV Locker Charges are modified w.e.f.01/08/2016. All are requested to take note of the same.

Click here to download Revised SDV Locker Charges w.e.f.01/08/2016


All our esteemed customers are hereby informed that the service charges on closure of a Savings Bank / Current Account within 14 days from first deposit in the account are modified as under:

Existing Service  Charges for Closure of account

Modified Service Charges for Closure of account.

Closure of a Savings /Current account within 1 year attracts Service Charges are as follows:

a) Savings Bank Account=Rs.200/-

b)Current Account =Rs.300/-

a)  Closure of Savings /Current account by the customer

     within 14 days of first credit –

     Service Charges =NIL

b)  Closure of Savings /Current account by the customer

     within period from 15 days to 1 year from first credit in

     the account Service Charges will be as follows.

     (i)   Savings Bank Account=Rs.200/-

     (ii)  Current Account =Rs300/-

All are requested to take note of the same.

Charges for SMS alerts

Customers may note that from Apr-June 2014 quarter onwards, for SMS alert facility, per Quarter Rs.10 + Service Tax will be applicable.

Fee for ATM / Insta / Debit cum ATM Card/ Gold Debit card

With effect from March 1st 2014 all charges related to various types of cards have been revised.

The revised charges are as under:

Card Type

Joining Fee

Annual Fee from 2nd Year (irrespective of balance)

PIN Regeneration

Issuance of Duplicate card

in case of loss/damage






















Customers (who are having savings a/c linked to the debit card) are allowed first 5 transactions on other Bank’s ATMs free of cost per calendar month which includes cash withdrawal and balance enquiry both and transaction above 5 will be charged.

Customers having current account linked to the debit card will be charged (right from the first first transaction i.e cash withdrawal or balance enquiry done using current account) on other Bank’s ATMs.

MISSED CALL facility

Bank has introduced the MISSED CALL facility, for the benefit of customers whose mobile numbers are registered in CUMM menu.
With this facility, the customer has to call the below numbers from the registered mobile, for the facility as under :
Mobile No.Facility

09289356677 - Balance for operative accounts ( upto a maximum of 5 accounts )
09278656677 - Mini statement of operative accounts for last 4 transactions ( upto maximum of 5 accounts )

On dialling the number, the call will get automatically disconnected after 2 rings.  The customer will receive SMS messages for the 5 operative accounts as mentioned above.
The advantage with the facility is that there is no charge for the calls and the customer will receive the information for upto 5 operative accounts with a single call.
The customer need not visit the branch just to know the balance / transaction details.

Reduction in Minimum Balance for Saving Bank A/c.

Minimum Balance for Savings Bank A/c holder with cheque book facility in Metro / Urban Branches which was  Rs. 2000/-  is reduced to Rs. 1000/- w.e.f. 01/01/2012.

Waiver of Charges.

Cash Deposit at local non base Branches for deposit above   Rs. 25000/- which was being charged @ Rs. 2/- per thousand or part thereof with Minimum   Rs.100/- & Maximum   Rs. 5000/- has  been made free of charge w.e.f. 01/03/2012.