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the simplest way to pay all your bills !
Electricity, Telephone, Mobile, Insurance, Gas, etc.

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Frequently asked questions for Dena BillPay

What is Dena BillPay?

Dena BillPay is an extremely convenient service that enables you to pay your various bills directly from your Dena Bank account without the need for cash, cheques or standing in long queues.

Which Bills can I pay?

You can use Dena BillPay to pay various bills-Electricity, Telephone, Mobile, Insurance, Gas, etc.

How does Dena BillPay work?

You need to register for Dena BillPay by providing us your bank account number and bill details.

Every month we receive a copy of your bill and make the payment for you from your specified bank account.

You continue to receive your bills by post as usual.

How much does the service cost?

The service is absolutely FREE !!

How do I use the Service?

Just give us your bill details, specify your bank account and we will pay your bill for you every month from that account.

You can specify an upper limit and bills above this limit will be paid o­nly o­n your specific instructions.


Get a SMS alert when bill is due and issue payment instructions in accordance.


If you have access to the internet, you can view and pay your bills o­nline at You will receive new bill notifications, due date reminders and payment confirmations via email.

How do I register?

You need to complete the attached Dena BillPay Application Form and drop it at your Dena Bank Branch. Please keep a copy of your bills and cheque book handy to help you complete the form.

Your account will be activated from the next billing cycle or 14 days whichever is later. However, for the first bill received by you after registration, please call Dena BillPay and confirm activation of your account.

List of Branches