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Dena Bank Retiree Mediclaim Policy 2016 - 2017 Guidelines

This is with respect to the Mediclaim Policy that has been renewed from 1st November, 2016.

Group Health Insurance scheme for Retired Employees of Dena Bank
1. Objective of the scheme

Group Health Insurance has been designed to be implemented for the employee, retired employees and their dependents Sum Insured as per Category Mentioned below on family floater basis per annum/policy period.

4,00,000 for Officers & 3,00,000 for Clerical Staff & Sub Staff

Since the last policy which was valid from March 30th till Oct 31st  had only hospitalization cover, in this year's policy Partial Domiciliary claims has also been included.

We have designed a very simplified GUIDELINE SHEET that gives you all the details and the process for submitting your claims. Its our request that you should circulate the Guideline Sheet to all your members so that they are also aware of the Do's & Don't's while submitting the claims for Hospitalization as well as Domiciliary.

Domiciliary Coverage will be 10% of the Sum Insured, for eg. : If the Sum insured is 300000/-  (Three Lacs) then the maximum Domiciliary limit payable will be Rs.30000/- (Thirty Thousan Only) 

2. The member will be covered through group insurance health policy of United India Insurance Company and will be operated through:

United India Insurance Co. Ltd.
Corporate Cell,
(Ground Floor, Vulcan Insurance Building, 77,Veer Nariman Road, MUMBAI 400 020)
Dedicated Healthcare Services TPA (India) Pvt. Ltd. has been authorized to service the group health policy issued to the existence and the retired employees & families.
Please find below the Guideline Sheet  and standard checklist herewith for your kind perusal.

Click here to download the Guideline Sheet  and standard checklist