Net Banking Guidelines :

•  It is recommended that customer should avoid using PCs with public access like cyber café for Internet banking.
•  Clear your browser's cache and history after each session so that your account information is removed, especially if you are using a shared computer.
• Configure the browser to not remember passwords (Disable Auto Complete
• Disable the "AutoComplete" function in Internet Explorer.

Steps for Auto Complete:
    1. Open Internet Explorer and click on "Tools">> "Internet Options">> "Content"
    2. Under "Personal Information", click on "AutoComplete".
    3. Uncheck "User names and passwords on forms" and click on "Clear Passwords".
    4. Click "OK"
• The customer should keep his/her ID and password strictly confidential and should not divulge the same to any other person.
• It may not be safe to leave the computer unattended during a valid session, as the session will be disconnected. This might give access to your account information to others.
• Don't double click any option/button while logged in Internet Banking. Use only single click for all operations .This is done to provide you more security over internet.
• DenaiConnect-Internet Banking password is both personal and confidential. We advise you not to reveal your password to anyone, including Dena Bank personnel.
• Change your Password regularly (once in 15 days).
• Memorize your password and then destroy the Pin-Mailer. Do not write down your password or store it anywhere. Avoid using it when others can observe you
• While entering your Internet Banking ID and Password, please ensure that others cannot see your screen and also you are not being observed from behind
• Change password immediately if you suspect that it has been revealed
• Log off from DenaiConnect after you complete your transactions.